UTStream 2.0 Released

We at Datapunctum are excited about the latest release of UTStream – bringing more functionality and significantly increasing user experience.

Most importantly, the Cribl Replay job management of REStream was incorporated into UTStream and is now available for free to the community (restricted to a single replay job). Download the app from Splunkbase now and further increase the efficiency of Cribl Stream!

Overall Improvements

  • A single app for both UTStream and RESTream
  • One replay collector for free
  • Configuration consolidation into a single dashboard
  • Added License Management
  • Allowing to run “utreadlookup”, “utwritelookup” and “utrunjob” on multiple instances at once
  • Fetching information about the Cribl instance from the Cribl Stream API during configuration
  • Support for Cribl Leader High Availability