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Go from data to business outcomes faster than ever before with Splunk

Cribl gives full access to the data in motion to lookup, enrich, redact, encrypt, transform, or sample data before indexing. Cribl enables new use cases for Splunk, like bringing in sensitive information with role-based decryption or bringing in high volume but low value data sources like Netflow affordably. Cribl puts the Splunk Admin in control to make logs contextual, safe and optimized.


uberAgent is a Splunk agent for Windows end-user computing. It does not just collect data – it gives you the information that matters.

Other monitoring products rely on the performance counters built into Windows. uberAgent has its own metrics, covering key aspects of user experience and application performance.

uberAgent tells you everything you need to know about physical PCs, virtual desktops, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View without affecting your systems’ user density. Whether it’s SBC, VDI or RDS: uberAgent covers it all.

Container-native Solution for Log Forwarding and Metrics Collection

Our solutions are powered by the Collectord, a container-native software built by Outcold Solutions that provides capabilities for discovering, transforming and forwarding logs, collecting system metrics, collecting metrics from the control plane of the orchestration frameworks and forwarding network activity.


Collectord provides flexible and powerful tools for transforming logs. With our software you can hide sensitive information from the loglines before forwarding them. With Collectord you can reduce the licensing costs associated with logging aggregation by choosing which data you want to forward from the log streams.


Collectord forwards container logs, host logs and can discover logs written by the containerized applications.

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