ElasticSPL 1.1 Community Edition Released

Today we are releasing version 1.1 of our ElasticSPL Add-on for Splunk. 

Most importantly, we made one connection to an Elasticsearch instance free to the community. For this, we switched the distribution of the app to a downloadable app on Splunkbase

Overall Improvements

  • One Elasticsearch connection for free
  • Various performance improvements
  • Removed all Splunk Capabilities to a Role Based model for Splunk Cloud compatibility
  • Configuration consolidation
  • Added a link to Elasticsearch Builder
  • Added License Management

Workbench Improvements

  • Changed the name to Workbench (Formerly Explorer)
  • Combined Lucene, Time Series, and Statistics Queries into a single view
  • Possibility to update an existing query
  • JSON Highlighting
  • Input validation
  • Progress and Error reporting

The new Workbench provides an easy-to-use interface to edit saved Elastic Queries or to test out new queries.


We have improved the add-on to get results faster from Elastic Search. Our performance test shows a threefold improvement in fetching data.


ElasticSPL is an easy-to-use integration to run queries against data residing in Elasticsearch environments. Try out our community edition, which contains one free connection.