Splunk Professional Services

We offer a broad suite of Splunk Professional Services

Our Splunk certified consultants have been designing and implementing successful Splunk Enterprise deployments since 2006.


With over 100 successful Splunk projects they have delivered real value to more than 60 customers of all sizes.

Whether you are already using Splunk or are planning to implement it, we can help you in every stage of the lifecycle to ensure success.

Splunk Enterprise

We offer following services for Splunk Enterprise:

  • Architecture

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Data-onboarding

  • Updates

  • Migrations

  • Operations support

Splunk Education & Trainings

Our Splunk certified trainers will bring your knowledge up to speed.​

Ask us about our current Splunk education class room training offering.

We also provide custom trainings based on your actual Splunk data.

Splunk Phantom

We offer Splunk Phantom implementation and integration services as well as Phantom playbook development.

Splunk Enterprise Security

We offer following services for Splunk Enterprise Security:

  • Data-onboarding

  • CIM normalization

  • Correlation search & alert definition & configuration 

  • Asset & identity data integration

  • Threat intelligence data integration

Splunk App Development

We offer custom developments for your in-house use.

Are you a software vendor and want to integrate your product into Splunk? We provide outstanding integrations following your branding.

Splunk IT Service Intelligence

We offer following services for Splunk IT Service Intelligence:

  • Service definition & configuration

  • KPI definition & configuration

  • Correlation search definition & configuration

  • Glass Table creation

  • Deep Dive creation

  • ITSI Module development

Splunk Health & Performance

We offer proactive health checks and performance analysis and provide you with suggestions for search optimizations and platform improvements.

In case of problems, we are here to help you identify root-causes.

Our consultant's skills have been recognized by Splunk multiple times:

  • Won the Splunk revolution award for Development in 2015 

  • SplunkTrust Member since 2016 (MVP Program)

  • Winning the Splunk Apptitude app development competition twice! 


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